Miley Cyrus Does Good, Skips Prom

This kicky pink and black scarf and leather jacket is the closest Miley Cyrus gets to rebelliousness (except for the occasional “racy” party pix), as evidenced by her recent behavior.

First off, the pop princess is skipping out on her prom because she’ll be working. At the CMT Awards, the 15-year-old chatted with Access Hollywood about it, saying, “I am shooting my movie during prom days, so I won’t be there.”

And what would a Miley Cyrus post be without a little Jesus? The spiritual teen puts her money where her mouth is, reportedly donating $1000 every week to her church. Star magazine reports that an inside source revealed, “She gave even more during the Easter holiday.”

I want to be a smart-ass, but I kind of feel like touching this one might end up with me being struck by lightning.