Miley Cyrus Is Sick

April 14th, 2008 // 5 Comments

Miley Cyrus has come down with strep throat. The photogs caught her boarding a private jet, and she wasn’t in the mood to pose for pictures. She must really be sick because this girl loves showing off her huge gums and talking about Jaysus.

Miley’s mother Tish reportedly came over to apologize for Miley not stopping to pose. I don’t think an apology is necessary. Don’t worry, Mom, they will still be there at your beck and call when Miley heals up. A private doctor came to the airstrip to administer meds before the jet took off. Do you know how long it takes me to get an appointment with my doctor? By the time the appointment comes around, a limb has already fallen off or I’ve gone blind.

The Hannah Montana superstar can probably afford the really good antibiotics seeing as it was recently revealed that she clears 18 million a year. Yeah, she was born in 1992. I’m not feeling that bad about the strep throat anymore. She can probably buy a new one. Yours.

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By J. Harvey

  1. K Loves Miley

    I feel so bad for her…having to fly while being sick! Oh my gosh I’d rather die than do that!!!!!!!!!! I don’t blame her for not wanting to pose!!!

  2. nadine


  3. miguel

    i think that was sexy.

  4. Aleesya

    yh miley will get worst when she flys i mean like she is sick and she is riding an jet, she will be more sick

  5. crystal

    what the hell is a strep.but yeah if she was sick before flying on a plane she will be sick on the plane.i dont blame her for not wanting to pose all she prombly felt like doing was going home and resting

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