Miley Cyrus Says No To Destiny

January 29th, 2008 // 5 Comments

Cleopatra and Aslan over here better stop. Her excuse is that she’s but a child, but a father shouldn’t be borrowing his daughter’s flat iron this much. For real, that’s embarrassing. She’s only smiling because she doesn’t know any better. Cut it out, Dad. So Miley Cyrus has officially changed her name to Miley Ray Cyrus. Did you know her REAL name up until now was “Hope Destiny”? That’s a lot of pressure on a girl. Did Billy Ray think she was the chosen one, the one girl in the all the world born with the strength and skill to hold back the undead? I think she should have changed her name to something else because wackjobs are trying to fly planes into her and she should remain off the grid for awhile.

By J. Harvey

  1. He should have named her Buffy.

  2. heh

    Miley Ray is way better than Destiny Hope.

  3. DruNken LauRen

    I LOVE YOU J…. I read the 1st sentance and just peed on myself…. LMAO!!!!!!!!!

    I know right off the bat when you write, I know your style and “LOVE IT”….

    thanks for being you!!!!!!!

  4. mg

    holy shit, j. harvey – I laughed out loud. you’re hilarious.

  5. yeah

    Anyone else thinks she looks better with the blonde wig? Yeah, thought so.

    Hope she’s enjoying this and banking that dolla cuz she really isn’t all that talented. But for all she’s making she’s set for life.

    I live in central Cali and it was funny that while Miley was appearing at the 18000 seat arena (go figure) her father was appearing at a mediocre art house of, oh, less than 1000. Think he gets a cut of her? Hope so.

    And damn, does every Disney girl harbor Catholic school girl fantasies? Half naked pictures already. So young.

    Man up, Billy, man up. Bes’ take that girl in hand or it’s all Vivid in her future.

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