Miley Cyrus Visits Fiance Liam Hemsworth On ‘Paranoia’ Set [PHOTOS]

Liam talks Miley
Liam discusses fame and fiancee with Glamour
Miley Cyrus visited her fiancé, Liam Hemsworth, on set of his new film Paranoia. The couple arrived together in Philadelphia earlier this week, where Hemsworth is starring alongside Amber Heard and Gary Oldman.

For her set visit, Cyrus wore a Chanel t-shirt with red baggy trousers and well worn black converse. Her newly blonde locks were pulled back and round sunglasses adorned her face. The singer and actress whose career has remained stagnant as of recent, is enjoying the free-time she gets to spend with Hemsworth whose star has been steadily rising.

Hemsworth recently wrapped work on Empire State in New York, and has returned to work after some time off in Los Angeles. He will likely remain busy the rest of the year as he has been confirmed on three more projects, including the much anticipated sequel The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.