Miley Cyrus’ Twitter Pics Were Not as Insane As I Thought They Would Be

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Yes, that’s right. I went through Miley Cyrus‘ Twitter pics. I know, I’m a brave soul. I was just as scared as you are, but guess what? Her Twitter is actually pretty tame.

When we think of Miley, we usually think twerking, licking, and very little clothing. It’s totally fine, I completely respect it. Surprisingly though, her Twitter was actually pretty typical. There were some crazy shots from her Bangerz tour, of course, but I didn’t include those. Check out her Twitter yourself, if you’re curious! 

Miley’s Twitter pics didn’t look much different from my own, actually, with just a little bit of Miley flair added in there. There were pics of her pets (an adorable husky), her food (Cracker Barrel), her crazy purchases (a ninja turtle fleece blanket, hell yeah), and of course a whole bunch of shameless selfies (usually in crazy outfits with strange captions). Pretty typical 20-something girl behavior.

Miley also likes to completely change the spelling of simple, every day words. Phrases such as “so cute” turned into “sooooooooo effffffing kiewwwwt.” At first I thought she was trying to spell kiwi, but I knew that couldn’t be right. Like I said, her own Miley flair.

Overall, Miley’s twitter pics are pretty darn entertaining. I have to hand it to her, she doesn’t give a single care about what anyone else in the world thinks, and that’s insanely cool. Check out her Twitter, you won’t be disappointed – or bored, for that matter.

By Caitlin Anders

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