Miley Cyrus Struck A Nerve With Fianceé Liam Hemsworth On Set Of ‘Paranoia’ [PHOTOS]

Miley Cyrus In Pucci
The singer at 'The Hunger Games' premiere in LA.
The desirable 22-year-old Aussie actor, Liam Hemsworth, was in for a roller coaster ride yesterday on the set of his latest film, Paranoia when Miley Cyrus dilutes the mood on the set.The two were on completely different wavelengths. Miley’s spastic energy did not smooth over well with Liam. All he wanted was some solace and peace; Miley swooped in and gave him the rundown on her day which was in the least exhausting for Liam. Moreover, the distraction compounded with the acompaniment of her bulldog, Ziggy.

While in Philly ,the young actress spends her day storming the streets and by night she is ready to hit up the gay bars and restauarants but that is the last thing on his mind. “Then, when she sees Liam after he’s finished filming, she chews his ear off about her adventures and can’t wait to tell him what she did that day,” said a source.“ He even suggested perhaps it was time for her to go back home”.

Lately Miley has been active in her own efforts and the results show in recent photographs. Her gluten-free diet as well as regular exercise is her remedy towards a trim figure. What is her Miley’s go-to choice of exercise, you ask? Winsor Pilates.“Miley is a fan of all Pilates exercises, in particular those that sculpt the abs,” said nationally renouned Winsor Pilates instructor, Mari Winsor. Her motivation may be for her expected wedding but whatever the reason for the change it is a healthy path she is following towards a toned figure.

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