Miley Cyrus Really ‘Can’t Be Tamed’; Check Out This #ThrowBackThursday!

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After a short hiatus I am back to once again update and reminisce on Hollywood’s past; hope you all didn’t miss me too much my little fashionistas!

To kick things back into gear I thought I’d start things off with non-other than the lovely and oh so infamous Ms. Miley Cyrus herself. Miley’s fan base started it’s world domination when she made her debut on the hit Disney show Hannah Montana back in ’06. This little lady had ‘tweens dying to meet their singing sensation of an alter-ego!

From a prime time TV series, to top charting albums, plus having the whole southern belle thing going for her, Miley not only had all doors open but she was also making money a child of her age couldn’t even imagine what to do with. Needless to say all kid stars do age and some unfortunately have a tendency to find themselves in some real Hollywood dilemmas.

Miley has had her fair share of negative slurs thrown her way but in all honesty this girl is still rockin’ that red carpet one way or another. Weather it be from dabbling in a major motion picture here and there or just flaunting her stuff next to her man god of a fiance Liam Hemsworth, Miley never strays too far from the deep shades of red that illuminate off that carpet.

From Disney princess to sultry rock-star Miley Cyrus has done a full 360 when it comes to transitions. If keeping Ms. Cyrus in the spotlight means always changing up her hair style or having a little fashion faux-pas here and there, than let’s all hope she continues doing what she does because the entertainment world thrives off her next move!