Miley Cyrus Proclaims That She ‘Likes Big Butts’ During A Karaoke Session

Miley For Terry Richardson
Miley Cyrus gets very risque for photoshoot.
What if you were out at a club one night and a super famous, twerk-loving star sauntered in and started singing karaoke? Personally, I would freak out so hard and then record as much as I could of the performance.

Thank goodness that’s actually what happened when Miley Cyrus showed up at The Cats Meow in New Orleans to sing a little karaoke. Her performance of “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot was caught on video for all of us to see. It includes a little butt shaking action, of course. You can check out the video below! 

Miley is in New Orleans as a part of her Bangerz tour, and is performing there tonight. She got to relax and explore the city a bit first though, and was seen out walking around with friends before and after her karaoke fun.

Miley might have been looking for excitement, but she got a little more than she bargained for when her tour bus caught on fire. Thankfully, no one was hurt – just the bus. Miley’s little sister Noah Cyrus posted a photo on Twitter of the charred bus with the caption “bus down.” Definitely a more eventful stop in New Orleans than they were planning on, I’m sure.

Judging from her Twitter photos and from this new video, Miley definitely knows how to have fun in her free time. She seems a little less crazy off stage than she does on stage, too. Who would have guessed.