Miley Cyrus Obviously Hates Her New Haircut Just Like The Rest Of Us [PHOTOS]

August 14th, 2012 // 3 Comments

Last night (August 13, 2012) Miley Cyrus hid her new haircut as she goes out with Liam Hemsworth in Philadelphia, PA. We’re guessing that she’s hiding due to the fact that she realizes just what a horrible mistake she made. Liam just seems amused by it all.

She’s getting married soon, so she has to be having second doubts about the hack job that occurred on her head.

Cyrus proudly unveiled her blonde shaved cut on Twitter yesterday. But the reaction to the radical change by Hollywood hairdresser Chris McMillan, the creator of Jennifer Aniston‘s infamous “Rachel’ haircut, was not exactly what she was hoping for.

Rapper Tyler the Creator was among the critics, tweeting… 

“Your barber is an asshole.” He later deleted the comment.

She fired back late last night, writing: “My dad Billy Ray Cyrus used to tell me, ‘Opinions are are like assholes – everybody has one.’ LOVE my hair. Feel so happy, pretty, and free.”

She also wrote: “if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all.”

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By Michael Prieve

  1. I think she needs to drink more Coke

  2. hoosiermom

    Is she still relevant? Why do we care about her hair?

  3. Hawk

    She has way too much time on her hands. I thought she was an actress now?

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