Miley Cyrus Naked In A Bathtub, Victim Of Swatting Prank [PHOTOS]

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Miley Cyrus reportedly had armed police show up at her house after emergency services received a hoax call reporting a possible robbery or home invasion.

To go along with that, whoever reported the alleged crime-in-progress also claimed that shots had been fired at Cyrus’ home.

The police have assured that if the call was a hoax, the caller will be arrested very soon.

Maybe the pranksters were hoping that the SWAT team would find Miley Cyrus naked in the tub like she is in these photos (launch the gallery to see more). 

The Miley bathtub picture was allegedly taken at a photo shoot during her Gypsy Heart Tour last year. Some websites posting the sexy Miley Cyrus photo note the image was taken for her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.

Aww, that’s sweet.

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