Miley Cyrus Looks Like A Whole New Woman

Seriously. Miley Cyrus is the face on this month’s cover of Prestige Magazine, and my god does she look fantastic. Honestly, people agree she barely even looks like the Miley we’ve known for all these years. I suppose it might finally be time to start treating Miley like an adult, no?

The actress/singer looks great in the photo spread for the magazine, sporting a new bobbed hair do and pulling off every outfit with ease. I quite looks her cover look and this one in the green dress. Check out the gallery for all the photos from the shoot.

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She looks much better in the magazine than she did on the red carpet at the VMA’s. Clearly she needs to find what kind of woman she wants to be. Luckily boyfriend Liam Hemsworth loves her any way she is. I mean, he even pretends to love Jersey Shore for her! He is pretending, right?

Make sure to launch the gallery and see all the Miley shots. Leave us your thoughts on her new look in the comments. I quite like it. In fact, I’m hoping she’ll always have that hair, wear only fantastic things and talk the genius we know she is. OK, maybe not a genius, but she seems quite clever. Remember when she was the voice of reason in the Casey Anthony verdict? I know, right? Enjoy.