Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, Olivia Wilde & Don Some Interesting Fashion Choices For MySpace

Olivia Wilde In GIFs!
15 gifs of the star that will melt your eyeballs.
Before we start anything, remember when MySpace was the it place to go to keep up with your friends and music? Ah, the good old days.

Now while you’re feeling all nostalgic, get ready for the new MySpace. The company is re-establishing it as a place for stars and last night’s star-studded party is definitely pushing that message along. Music superstars Miley Cyrus and Justin Timberlake were both spotted on the red carpet last night. Although Miley’s outfit is way crazier than Justin’s. I just don’t get this girl anymore.

Also, Tara Reid’s outfit is awful. That one makes more sense to me. But you know who looked fabulous? 

Both Olivia Wilde and Dianna Agron. Although to be fair, Olivia always looks awesome. Kelly Osbourne was also looking pretty snazzy. So pretty much, this was a party where everyone wore something ugly unless they were Olivia, Dianna and Kelly. At least that’s my take-away.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the new MySpace launch event. So do you guys think you’ll head back to MySpace? Let us know in the comments!