Miley Cyrus Is The New Face Of Marc Jacobs, Thoughts On Her First Ad?

Miley Cyrus 2013 Met Ball
Miley in Marc Jacobs at the 2013 Met Ball.
Now, maybe it’s just me, but I never pegged Miley Cyrus as someone who would be the face of a brand. Unless the brand was twerking, of course.

But it kind of makes sense that Miley is the new face for Marc Jacobs spring/summer 2014 campaign. Marc is known for being fun and outlandish, Miley is know for being outlandish–how could this be any better?

Any now that we’ve gotten a look at her first campaign ad, it’s time to discuss what we think.

Other than the obvious of “um, what are those other people doing?” it’s a pretty cool ad. I like the dark hair Miley is sporting and the moody look she’s giving the camera. This is much better on her than constantly sticking her tongue out, don’t you agree?

Miley also posted this photo to Twitter.

I guess the background theme is people sleeping. Or dying. It’s all a little to highbrow for me to understand. But still, I like it. Maybe this campaign will inspire Miley in new ways! Well, we can hope at least.

What do you guys think of the Miley/Marc pairing? Match made in heaven or hell? Sound off in the comments below!