Miley Cyrus Goes Slutty Bride On German TV

I guess Miley Cyrus isn’t taking no for an answer…she wants to dress like a little hooker and she’s going to dress like a little hooker, so there! Ah, the maturity that comes with 17 long years in this world. On German TV show Wetten Dass on Saturday, Miley wore a sheer white frock sans pants which clearly showed her undies…and would have bared what was on top if it weren’t for some strategically placed embroidery. Miley performed “Who Owns My Heart,” for which she just released a not kid-friendly video.

To add insult to injury, she was gyrating and grinding to the dance song like she was on the Teen Choice Awards. Oh Miley, when will you learn! She continues to be a huge headache for Disney…she was also spotted drinking a beer this weekend in Spain though she’s only 17 (the drinking age in Spain is a relaxed 18). I’m sure they’re just thrilled the announcer still introduced her as Hannah Montana! Watch the video after the jump!