Miley Cyrus Flirts With Kings Of Leon’s Jared Followill

November 9th, 2010 // 6 Comments

Miley Cyrus may have set her sights on a new man, Jared Followill of the Kings of Leon. The two were seen getting cozy, with Miley definitely putting on the moves, at the MTV Europe Awards on Sunday. She’s told Rolling Stone magazine before that she had a crush on the rocker, calling him “good-looking.” I guess those Coronas that night gave her some liquid courage!

“Their crews were sitting near each other and Miley was texting Followill all night before leaving the party together,” a source said.
Another source added that Jared and Miley (pictured promoting her clothing line today in Derby, England) have known each other for a while: “Miley and Jared are friends, they know each other from Nashville. They left the party together but they went to the Universal Records after-party at Pacha.”
Thoughts? Could this Nashville duo have a chance?
By Lola Robertson

  1. el


    • L

      so many versions of this story going round. I’m calling BS on this…Why would they text each other all night when if they really like each why not converse physically especially if they were at the same party, more so if they are friends even more reason for them to physically converse. If you saw friend at a party, wouldn’t you go say hi…??? I’ve seen the shots of Miley drinking at the party, so were are the shots of them getting “cozy”?? If you gets shots of one why not the other?? Like I said calling BS on this…never believe rag sites

  2. lexi

    hes hot and i love KOL, i also like her but i hope its not true hes to old for her.

  3. eury

    I must say, as much as i don’t like her, she really has good choice in men! he is hot

  4. max azria derby england copies album signing miniskirt white top long hair
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    Stupid bitch

  5. farrah

    HELL NO! this isnt real first of all kings of leon hate miley didnt u see there faces at the grammy awards they looked they wanted to beat her ass! jared isnt stupid!

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