Miley Cyrus Doesn’t Seem To Bummed About Last ‘Hannah Montana’ Episode

The series finale of Hannah Montana aired Sunday, and we couldn’t get a good read on how Miley Cyrus felt about its ending.  Was she sad the show that made her famous ended? Was she hiding it?  The Daily Mail seems to think Cyrus wasted no time mourning the show that made her famous.

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From the looks of things, Cyrus was in high spirits alongside mom Tish on the New Orleans set of her new movie, So Undercover.  But what’s she supposed to do? Lock herself in her trailer with a sign outside that reads “With The End Of Hannah Montana Also Goes My Youth.  Please Let Me Grieve The Loss Of A Show That Inspired Me To Dance On A Stripper Pole In Front Of Impressionable Teenagers?”  Walk around the set dressed as Hannah Montana?  I’m sure Cyrus privately dealt it.  Like all goods things, this had to end.