Miley Cyrus Combines Mickey Mouse, A Bare Midriff And Horizontal Stripes In To One Outfit At Marc Jacobs Show [PHOTOS]

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That’s a whole lot of look Miley!

Miley Cyrus sports a Mickey Mouse midriff-exposing sweatshirt to Marc Jacobs’ show at fashion week in New York yesterday (February 14, 2013). All those hours spent doing yoga are definitely paying off!

Finishing of the look with a black clutch, red lips and a fresh-faced complexion, Miley looks odd here.

Al least there wasn’t a near nip slip or any sideboob action going on this time. 

Miley Cyrus still has the punk/spiked hairdo thing going on. She revealed earlier this week that she’ll be keeping her hair short for good.

She said: “I hated the extensions – hair that’s sewn into your head. It’s creepy. You will never see me with long hair again!”

Never say never Miley.