Miley Cyrus Caught With Her Zipper Down [PHOTOS]

Just being Miley
Miley wears what she wants, okay?
So who doesn’t have plans to see Hunger Games when it comes out? Well, Miley Cyrus might be one of them.

Boyfriend Liam Hemsworth stars in the upcoming film adaption and admits that Cyrus didn’t have a clue about the book series until Hemsworth got attached to it. She’s since read it, but he has no idea if she even liked it, let alone if she’ll watch the movie when it launches in theaters on March 23rd. Uh, let’s hope he was kidding about that last part…

Cyrus hasn’t been caught with her pants down lately, but an undone zipper totally counts. She was seen walking out of her car with it before sneakily pulling the zip up up and joining her friends for lunch in Studio City, CA.

Word to the wise, Miley: if you have to unbutton your pants before a meal, maybe you should reconsider whether or not you want to be wearing them at all. Just saying.