Miley Cyrus Calls Paparazzi A C*nt, Then Tweets About It

Miley Goes Pantsless
Who says Miley Cyrus needs to wear pants?
The 20-year-old singer revealed on Twitter Wednesday evening that she scuffled with a photographer and called him the c-word.

Thanks so much for sharing Miley Cyrus! Apparently always keeping it real. Miley is seen here covering her face with a Chanel handbag while out and out in Los Angeles yesterday (September 04, 2013).

Check out the tweet below. 

Using the c-word wasn’t the only thing Miley was doing on Twitter yesterday. She also shared pics of the new single cover for Mike Will Made It’s new song “23” which features Miley, along with Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J. She also posted a pic of of Mike with herself wearing the “23” jersey made famous by Michael Jordan.



The single “23” will be released on Sept. 10.

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