Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Look Fit And Famous Together [PHOTOS]

Relationship Recap
A gallery devoted to the highlights of Liam and Miley's relationship.
Miley Cyrus wants you to know that she’s not only not jealous of Liam Hemsworth’s recent skyrocketing fame, but she’s actually “happy” about it:  “I think, it is good for him if he is not only seen as ‘the boyfriend of Miley Cyrus’ all the time. It can only be beneficial for our relationship as we are on the same level now.”

Hmm, Miley, I don’t know if you’re really on the same level if all we can think about is your recent movie flop and that your last album that’s now two years old… but whatever floats your boat. The engaged couple were seen coming from the gym, where Cyrus has been hanging out in a lot since her career started stalling. Couple that works out together, stays together?