Milan Fashion Week – Allurement And Beauty Reign At Versace Womenswear Spring/Summer 2011

The Versace Womenswear Spring/Summer 2011 show at Milan Fashion Week was distinct and visually stimulating. Similar to some Spring collections at New York Fashion Week, turquoise and coral acted as the main colors while the remainder of the pieces used black, white, and nude. Unlike other collections, Versace showcased intriguing necklines, enticing cut-outs, and cropped mid-drift tops and jackets. Every design had crisp lines creating flattering silhouettes and an overall sleek, polished look, including the slicked back ponytail sported by every model.

Beyond the polished and refined lines, there were hints of a Grecian influence in some of the necklines, the fringe dresses, and the reoccurring “classic Greek key motif”. This key motif was seen as a border on some dresses, a multicolored vibrant pattern on other pieces, and used as an oversized paneling effect on the black leather mini dresses and white cropped jackets.

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I love a unique neckline and the Versace Spring/Summer 2011
collection was full of them. I will comment that a number of the
necklines would be best suited for someone who is physically fit and
small chested. The reverse razorback cut in particular could be highly
unflattering for someone with curves. Another design aspect I fell in
love with was the gathered fringe used to create a dramatic bodice on
the fringe dresses. The wide variety of styles and fabrics captivated
one’s attention, yet the collection as a whole was extraordinarily

I think the crisp, tailored dresses with the sexy waistline cut-outs would look fabulous on Victoria Beckham.
We all know what a tiny body she has, and the aesthetic of those
designs would further exemplify her already sophisticated presence. Zoe Saldana would also look stunning in one of the fitted past the knee dresses. As for the fringe gowns, both Claire Danes and Cate Blanchett
would be brilliant in any one of these pieces. Both women have lovely
fair skin, lean figures, and would dominate the red carpet in this
beautiful Versace collection.