Mila Kunis Makes Mistakes, Needs Macaulay… and Must Have Toliet Paper

I know… odd. But when you speak to Mila Kunis about her recent film The Book of Eli, things like a post-apocalyptic world, survival aids and kick ass attitude come out, as it did in her recent interview with Parade.

So would Mila survive a doomed world? Probably not. Proving she’s not survivalist, when asked what survival aids she’d need, she named toliet paper number one.

“Could I have toilet paper? Does that count? I’d like deodorant. And Chapstick would be good. I’d really want Chapstick. But, I would put toilet paper number one on my list,” said Kunis.

But don’t let this little fighter fool you.

“I can kick some serious ass, especially if I’m wearing five-inch heels. It’s amazing what I could do. I could throw a really strong right hook,” Kunis said in her own defense.

And she willingly admits when she’s wrong.

“I think every day I’m growing, but I make mistakes. Every single day, I make mistakes. And it’s something that I learn from and hopefully, move on and better myself as a human being,” said Kunis.

Speaking of mistakes, we’ve all been wondering what it’s like to be home alone with Macaulay Culkin

“The reason we’ve been together for so long and the reason that we have such a healthy relationship is because we don’t want it to be in the press. And we don’t want the press to analyze what we do and how we do it,” said Kunis.


Well… with bedroom eyes and a kick ass attitude, we’ll leave it at that. I certainly wouldn’t mess with someone who lovingly recalls there first encounter with an Uzi.

“It’s kind of interesting what happens to you when you pick up an Uzi. You become very strong, very fast.”

Gallery Info: Actress Mila Kunis arrives at the Premiere of The Book Of Eli in Hollywood, on January 11, 2010.