Mila Kunis Is Looking Lovely & Sporting A Super Cool Batman Shirt

OK, before you say anything, I am aware that you can’t see Mila Kunis’ Batman t-shirt in this photograph.

Don’t worry, I promise it’s there and it’s awesome. But the picture you’re looking at right now is very important because that blonde lady trying to hide her face is Mila’s mom, Elvira. Why yes, you read that right, Elvira. Obsessed!

Mila and Elvira definitely had a “Stars! They’re just like us” moment when they went shopping for goodies at their local Pavilions yesterday. 

Personally I always pegged Mila as more of a Whole Foods girl myself, but I suppose Pavilions will get the job done. So, do you know what’s super exciting? That Elvira definitely has a fun Russian accent. Now someone just needs to get her a long black dress and a wig so she can look like thisand we’ll be all good.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Mila being normal with her mama. Her Batman shirt is pretty awesome. I wonder what her thoughts are on the whole Batfleck situation? One may never know!