Mila Kunis Helps Out Nervous Starstruck Interviewer, Remains Awesome [VIDEO]

March 5th, 2013 // 1 Comment
Mila Kunis
Possibly The Best Junket Interview Ever

This is one of the cutest interviews ever!

After pre-apologizing to the understanding Mila Kunis, the nervous interviewer’s first question is: “Did you enjoy being ugly for once? Because usually you’re hot.”

The interview then moves to how his friends will react to the news that he talked to her, what his friends usually drink at his local pub (“a land mine,” which Kunis calls “the most disgusting drink” she’s ever heard of), and his local football team. 

At one point he admits that he feels like he’s doing something wrong and they should get back on topic, but Kunis implores him to continue the casual chat with, “No, I’m begging you.” He goes on to detail a perfect day together, including a stop at a chicken restaurant and a 3 PM football match. “This is such a better conversation,” Kunis assures him as he picks up his list of questions on her film, Oz the Great and Powerful.

Mila then rattles off several answers to questions he hasn’t asked, detailing her work on the film. After that, the interviewer asks her to be his +1 to his friend’s wedding. Alas, Mila is working in June! Despite that let down, it appears Mila remember this interview for quite some time.

Watch and behold the awesomeness!

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By Michael Prieve
  1. cristiana

    this was the best thing i’ve ever seen. After she went on about what she was supposed to be talking about his life amazing

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