Mila Kunis’ Grandparents Love ‘Family Guy’

Mila Kunis grandparents love to listen to her on the show Family Guy, even though they can’t understand a word that she’s saying. Her grandparents are from Ukraine and can’t speak English. Kunis’ family moved from the Ukraine when she was seven-years-old, and her family of four only had $240 with them when they arrived in America.

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Mila told talk show host Jimmy Fallon “They barely speak English but they’ve seen every episode of Family Guy, it’s amazing. Not a clue [what I’m saying], they just know my voice… they don’t have a clue what I’m saying.”

Russian born Mila Kunis came to America only fluent in Russian. After the American lottery system allowed her family to migrate, they moved to Los Angeles, California and she ended up in acting classes even though money was tight. Constant practice helped Kunis become more confident in her ability of speaking English.