Mila Kunis Cures The Common Cold By Getting Her Patient Drunk

Is it me, or has Mila Kunis found the cure for influenza?  GQ’s Michael Idov lost his voice the day he was due to interview Kunis, and when he showed up at her Detroit apartment (where she is filming Oz: The Great And Powerful), Kunis put the focus on healing Idov.  “Oh, I feel so bad! You’re so siiick!” she says to the journalist,”Let’s get you better.”

After trying to tackle his sore throat with miso soup at one of her favorite Japanese restaurants in the city, Kunis came up with the perfect concoction to knock both Idov and his ailment out:

Kunis starts making us hot tea when she gets a better idea. “Let’s get some Cabernet going,” she says. “It’ll make you feel better and it will make you drunk.” She hands me a Grgich Hills Cabernet Franc (retail $50) to open, then sniffs the bottle and declares it “perfect for boiling.” Into the saucepan it goes, followed by an avalanche of green-tea powder (“It’s vitamins!”), two gelcaps of fish oil (“What’s the difference? It’s all going to end up liquefied and syrupy”), apple-cider vinegar (“‘Cause that’s just always good for you”), and Ayurvedic chai. “See,” she says, “at least I didn’t give you the women’s bone vitamin.” The result is a kind of glogg from hell. For a moment, we both admire the roiling potion. The melted gelcaps have coated the saucepan’s bottom, while the released fish oil blots the surface.

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After mixing the potion together, she discovers yet another way to disinfect a human. “I have vodka and I have tequila. What do you think kills germs better?”  In they go, and grandpa’s medicine elixir is complete.  As promised, Idov starts to feel better, probably because he’s hammered.

I’m willing to compare this concoction to Theraflu.