Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake’s Steamy Elle Photoshoot

Maybe Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake are friends with benefits on and off screen because their Elle photo shoot is Hot! Let’s not start any more rumors, but this duo steamed up Elle’s photoshoot with their bluntness and sexy poses in front of the camera.

[PHOTOS] Justin Timberlake Gets Hands On With Mila Kunis

Elle asks both newly single Kunis and Timberlake is it hard dating being in the public eye?

I haven’t dated ever” replies Mila Kunis.

I’m not equipped to answer that right now” says Justin.

One of the funniest moments had to be Justin’s description of the weirdest date he’s been on.

“I had a date ask me one time if I had found God. I’m a sick human being—I mean, I answered, “Yeah, he’s in my pants.” So, the date didn’t go that much longer because—” says Timberlake

She didn’t kneel at your altar?” interrupts Kunis

Ignoring Kunis Timberlake continues with his story “My date thought that was crass, and I thought that asking me about God was crass, so…”

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