Mila Kunis And Her Baby Bump Aren’t Afraid Of Some PDA With Ashton Kutcher At Stagecoach Music Festival

Listen, there’s a very good chance you’ve already seen these photos of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher at the Stagecoach Country Music Festival this weekend, but oh my god! You need to look at these photos a billion more times.

There is just so much to love here, not the least of which is Ashton’s “country” attire. It’s like when Vanessa Hudgens dresses up for Coachella. You know there are actually people who could pull that look off, but Ashton is not one of them.

Oh and look, it’s Mila’s baby bump. 

We’ve been on a pretty consistent “bump watch” since the news of her pregnancy first broke, and this is the first time you can actually see something. I’m just fascinated by what kind of parents Ashton and Mila are going to be. Hopefully they’ll avoid putting chunky belts on the kid. Actually that sounds adorable on a baby. So not on Ashton, but on the baby.

Now here’s what I need you to do: I need you to launch the gallery and stare in awe at all the photos of Mila and Ashton. I can’t tell if I want to frame the photo of Ashton in denim overalls or throw darts at it. Maybe a bit of both.