Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher Secretly Engaged?

Ashton & Mila In France
The Two Love Birds Get Romantic In The South Of France
Mila's Sultriest Looks
Mila Kunis on the red carpet.
Mila And Ashton
Mila and Ashton enjoy a PDA filled afternoon.
I thought we went over this people! There are no secrets in Hollywood except how stars stay thin and looking young. Never feed into the diet plans and anti-aging creams they claim to use that’s posted on their website…it’s all lies…haha(no really…all lies).

Anywho, the word around town is that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have been “secretly” engaged since the summer. Allegedly, Kutcher popped the question on Kunis’ birthday back in August. Why does every guy think every girl’s birthday wish is to be proposed to or that that’s the best Valentine’s day gift? Jeez, be original.

Excuse my ranting–“Ashton’s whole family had come out to California for Mila’s birthday on Aug. 14, and he did it then. They couldn’t go public with the engagement until his divorce was final. Now nothing should be standing in their way.”

Ashton split from Demi Moore after six years of marriage. The divorce was finalized only last week, two years after the couple announced their separation. Damn, it takes longer to get a divorce than it does to get married. Well…I guess I kinda knew that already.

Since the finalization of the divorce, Mila has been spotted wearing a ring on her engagement finger which only adds fuel to the rumor fire that her and Ashton will be tieing the knot. A fan “bumped” into Kutcher and Kunis in a yogurt shop in Los Angeles and told E! News that Kunis was wearing a ring on her finger. Do fans really “bump” into celebs? Or do they just happen to be somewhere a celebrity is or a celebrity happens to be where they are…?

“She was wearing a small ring on her left hand,” said the source. “It was petite, but still noticeable and pretty. “Mila looked really gorgeous and happy. They came into the store hand-in-hand and smiling. They looked like a cute couple.”

I think it’s hard to believe a fan as an eye-witness, most of them go crazy when they see a celebrity (deliriousness included), so who knows what he or she saw. I’m just sayin’.