Mila Kunis – 2012 MTV Movie Awards

Hello Miss Mila Kunis. You are looking rather lovely at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards. The actress really pumped up the volume in more ways that one. Her hair, her height, it’s all working together to create a rather lovely picture.

Mila opted for a short, and what looks like beaded, multi-colored dress for the event. I really love the cut of the dress. Not super tight to where something that short trashy, but not too flowy that she gets lost in it. Plus I like the volume in her hair. I mean, I would have even been OK with bigger.

Mila has been the red carpet queen! Why, just last night she looked amazing at the Guy’s Choice Awards. What do you guys think of Mila’s look? I feel like this one could spark a lot of love it or hate it. Thoughts?

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