Mike Tyson’s VIP Room Mash Up

August 4th, 2005 // 20 Comments

Thank goodness for the VIP Room. Where else would celebrities go to make fools of themselves?! Just like Bruce Willis, the ladies (using that term very loosely) still love Mike Tyson, and Mike Tyson still loves the ladies. Pictured below is Mike getting it on with someone who has her shoes tied a little too tight. I believe it’s cutting off some of the oxygen to her brain, which in turn, is impairing her better judgement.

Click the photos for a full view of Mike’s action.

(Images via INFGOFF.com)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Sweet Serenity

    Umm This guy is sooooo gross and ugly, who the hell wants to rubb up against him. What’s up with the tattoo on his face. Gross

  2. Icequeen

    haha the girl to his left in the first pic has that whole terri shiavo look going on.

  3. doofus

    gross doesn’t say the half of it.

    the man is an animal and should be locked up like one.

  4. gia

    isnt he broke ass? dont they know he will beat a girl down if he has too? arent people who tattoo their face considered unstable?

  5. doubter

    And of course one of these chicks will cry rape after rubbing all over him and going up to his hotel room.

  6. Febreze!!

    There is no way in bloody hell that i would get near this man!! These bitches are crazy, haven’t they heard about his past?

  7. Geigh

    Why do women love men that hate them?

  8. It’s called being a trifling, tired (I may get my ass beat and/or raped, but I intend to get a chunk of change out of the experience), will do anything for attention, gold digging skank. I’m sure she got bent over for him and a friend, and kicked out of the room before he got the condom off.

  9. timk

    Dear Drunk and Insane Night Club Chick,

    Allow me to introduce myself, I am your better judgement, I don’t believe we’ve met before. I see that your having a good time (again) and that’s all good but I just wanted to advise you about current dance partner: he’s broke.

    Thank you and enjoy your evening.

  10. j.sco

    F*ck being broke, what about the fact he’s a convicted rapist?

  11. Debbie

    Icky Icky Icky. He is so gross. The very thought of him even being in the same room as me is too . . . I just can’t think about it anymore. AND women like those pictured give the rest of us a bad name (and reputation).

  12. uhm, Yeah


  13. ponder

    Groupies are so dumb and lack of a brain.

    Wait until he beats her ass up and then rapes her. See how much fun she’ll be having then.

    I dont understand these women.

  14. boo

    Even that thing in the fishtank is trying to swim away from her.

  15. miguelito

    fucken hoochies

  16. RedRum

    People kill me, they are always in the position of sitting high and looking low. The funny thing is that most chicks whether they want to admit it, would jump at the chance to be with MIKE, so to all those judgememntal people how can you be so believing of the media. The same media that keeps us in fear and consumption. I don’t think MIKE raped that chick, no correction I know he didn’t. That doesn’t excuse all the other character flaws, nevertheless judge not less he be judged.

  17. lady capone

    shut the fu** up ya’ll just mad ya’ll aint gettin no europe pussy. don’t hate the man because he did more in 20 years than your whole generation has done in a lifetime. so please do mike a favor… jump off the T-I-P of his DICK!!!!

  18. Icequeen!!!!!!!!! Hahaha! I know! I thought the exact same thing!

  19. Agustina

    I think mike is a hell of a guy…I think he is very handsome and masculine…I just love him…..if he is poor now,I would support him,hehehehehehehehehe
    Mike marry me

  20. Agustina

    Mike you are the perfect man

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