Mika Whimsicals It Up

J. Harvey here. Last night I caught the Mika show down at Avalon. It was during a Sox game, and if you’re not a Bostonian – let me tell you about trying to get to Landsdowne St. where Avalon is on the night of a Sox game. Let’s put it this way – one side of Fenway Park is ON Landsdowne St.! So traffic ain’t pretty! I had to park at friggin’ Boston University and that was pure luck. Anyway, it was worth it cuz’ Mika puts on a show. My boyfriend *hearts* this guy and my boyfriend is not one for teen idols.

Mika’s this Lebanese/British wound up caterwauling lanky guy with Freddie Mercury running through his veins and Pre-Raphaelite curls on top. His debut album “Life in Cartoon Motion” is hot on iTunes, and he’s huuugggggeee in the U.K. And he puts on a hot show. It was the weirdest fan base mix I’ve ever seen at a show. You had:

  • grandmothers (seriously)
  • mothers
  • young kids (like I would say in the 12-15 range, both girls and boys)
  • teen girls
  • curvaceous teen girls
  • twenty-something women with expensive purses and blouses from Anthropologie
  • gays – both twink and average

What’s going on here? I was talking to the bartender about it. We figured it was because he was a featured artist on iTunes and everyone caught on at the same time? And he doesn’t look like the kind of guy who would inspire your daughter to Manic Panic her hair and cut up on herself? His new single is “Big Girl (You Are Beautiful), and I have never seen so many large and lovely teen girls jump and rock out as I did last night to that song. It brought a tear to my eye. His music is all opera cartoony positive epic danceable audience-charming. People love this cat. It was pretty infectious, and I am a cynical bitch. It ended with this chant along song “Lollipop” and he and his band came out in animal costumes and there were oversize balloons and confetti. It was like the Flaming Lips but less druggy. I’d see him again, if only to marvel at twinks rocking out next to 12 year old girls rocking out next to Nana Carol.

Thanks to Victoria at Wiredset for the hookup!


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