Mickey Rourke Gets Touchy With Jessica Alba On The Red Carpet

February 23rd, 2009 // 5 Comments

I know, I know.

We’re so spoiled with Mickey Rourke stories that the above headline just makes us giggle. The worst thing about award season ending is the inevitable lack of Mickey. We’re already going through withdrawal from his greasy locks and sunglasses.

This makes us very sad.

Before getting a little handsy with our favorite foreign policy expert on the Independent Spirit Awards red carpet, Mickey bellowed at female photographers to show him their tits (nice!) after they foolishly asked him to remove his sunglasses. Silly photographers!

Later he stood next to Jessica Alba for some photo ops (above) and decided to spice things up a bit as he “reached over to feel her up.” Of course, prissy Jessica “jumped back and made a disgusted face.”


That’s just Mickey’s way of saying hello, Jess. Ask Evan Rachel Wood.

Gallery info: Mickey Rourke and Jessica Alba on the Independent Spirit Awards Red Carpet.

By Melissa Noble

  1. radgirldiana

    YUCK, okay? just YUCK!
    Poor Jessica…. she just doesn’t want greasy filth stains on her nice sweater and dress. He is repulsive and so she has a right to look repulsed.

  2. guest

    really awkward. almost as bad as that gary busey moment.

  3. ll

    There are a ton of pictures of Alba and Rourke from the Spirit Awards and in none of the ones you have or anyone else has does she jump back and look disgusted. Or the least bit prissy. Why is this a story when the pictures support it being some made up bullshit?

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