Michelle Williams Probably Doesn’t Want to Talk To You

February 7th, 2007 // 11 Comments

The New York Daily News had a typical encounter with Dawson’s Creek star Michelle Williams at Fashion Week. I bring up Dawson’s Creek because Madame keeps forgetting her damn roots. You started off on an hour long American Eagle commercial complete with Paula Cole theme song, honey. Look, I know you got nominated for an Oscar and looked good in a yellow dress and got knocked up by Heath Ledger. But let’s not let it get to your arty head, now.

“Brokeback Mountain” star Michelle Williams told us from the front row of the 3:1 Phillip Lim show Sunday night that she wasn’t planning on going to any other shows this Fashion Week.

After some complimentary small talk about the designer, we asked about the honking great diamond ring on her finger.

Details of Michelle’s pouty response are after the jump.


“I don’t want to talk about it,” she said, shooting down any talk of an engagement with Heath Ledger.

Sick of the media attention, huh? In response: a cold, cold stare. Guess so, then!

Oh fer chrissakes, how about a polite smile and “no comment”? You’d better hope your next film gets the same accolades as Brokeback, otherwise you’re basically going to end up as a surly Jennifer Love Hewitt. And Ghost Whisperer is a career coda you don’t want to endure.

By J. Harvey

  1. me

    i cannot stand this bitch. it’s not like she has a red hot career or anything. without heath, no one would even care.

  2. newfgirl

    So she doesn’t want to talk about her private life. Big deal. At least she’s not going around flashing her crotch!

  3. lily

    Without her relationship with Heath she wouldn’t be invited to any fashion show. Why is she always such a bitch? There is a polite way to refuse to answer questions.

  4. AH

    Wait a second, you guys call her a bitch and then tell her how to be polite?

  5. e-dogg

    This makes me soooo mad. The only reason they are even together is bc Heath knocked her up and feels responsible. She is SUCH a nobody–I can’t stand her, and hated her on DC as well (yes, I watched it in HIGH SCHOOL but only bc of HOT Joshua Jackson!!)

  6. e-dogg

    This makes me soooo mad. The only reason they are even together is bc Heath knocked her up and feels responsible. She is SUCH a nobody–I can’t stand her, and hated her on DC as well (yes, I watched it in HIGH SCHOOL but only bc of HOT Joshua Jackson!!)

  7. Ani

    Wow, I didn’t realize that so many people who read this site are personally aquainted with Michelle Williams. I mean, seriously, kudos for knowing the inside track!

    Maybe she was tired. Maybe they had a fight. Maybe she doesn’t like talking to strangers. Maybe she had a bad day. Maybe she gets tired of being asked about her private life by people she doesn’t know. Maybe she’s a regular person like everyone else.

    One thing is to be rude in an interview.. another is to be on your downtime and want to be left alone.

  8. Janet Lee

    I too am fed up with this nobody’s attitude. She’s just a bloody snob. Do you think that if she really was married or engaged she would be so miserable – somehow I think not. She thought by getting preggers with Heath that he would get him to marry her – but he’s only willing to wear the wedding band to wind up the press.

    She’s a bitch even to her fans – she had her fansite The Williams Center shut down even though they adored her. BITCH with fans, bitch with the press, just a big manipulative too big for her shoes BITCH!. I think Heath looks like a fool for being with her, he must also be a big jerk.

  9. CC

    I don’t like her at all. She acts like as if she is some A-List actress with an attitude when all she’s actually a D-List actress who got lucky by bagging herself Heath Ledger (B-List in my opinion). She needs to grow up pronto. It’s a shame that these immature girls who get pregnant out of the blue (‘accident’ my arse) after just a few months of dating are actually going to bring up children (what a bad example they will be to their daughters!), considering how incredibly inmature they are for the task ahead. She’s shut down her fansites (so ungrateful!) and now she’s being nasty to the press. Oh, boy, I hope that when Heath finally does run off with some other costar who maybe also happens to get pregnant ‘accidently’, she will lick arse bigtime to everybody and they all give her the middle finger, as she is prone to do.

    Has anyone noticed how miserable she always looks, and Heath too? Before when he dated Naomi there were always candids of them kissing and he was all over her, but with Michelle it’s like as if he loves her as his mother’s baby and respects her but you can tell he isn’t ‘inlove’ with her. She was the ‘rebound’ relationship he had straight after Naomi and I highly doubt it they would still be together now if it wasn’t for the baby. He just looks so much older now, so aged. In IMDB the posters think he is the laughing stock of Hollywood, and I agree.

  10. Gaz

    LOL @ this website.

    So many people on here bitching about this person they’ve never met, who they don’t even know, etc.

    She was a bit abrupt, big deal, get over it. There’s more important things happening in the world to be discussing.

    E-DOGG – you think she’s such a ‘nobody’? Sorry, I must have missed your resume – have you starred in TV or Hollywood films then? Dated a Hollywood star? Maybe you’re an a-list star who just happens to use e-dogg as their nickname ……….. or more likely ………… you’re the nobody.

    Seriously people – get a life.

  11. anonymous

    i agree wtih gaz. you people are retarded. seriously. “omg shes just a bitch, she doesnt like talking to paparazzi, OMG” what are you guys, five? Is she the antichrist, or something? All she’s done is establish that she is an EXTREMELY private person and hinting that people should stop stalking her. jesus christ, i cant believe such ppl like you guys exist.

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