Michelle Williams Probably Doesn’t Want to Talk To You

The New York Daily News had a typical encounter with Dawson’s Creek star Michelle Williams at Fashion Week. I bring up Dawson’s Creek because Madame keeps forgetting her damn roots. You started off on an hour long American Eagle commercial complete with Paula Cole theme song, honey. Look, I know you got nominated for an Oscar and looked good in a yellow dress and got knocked up by Heath Ledger. But let’s not let it get to your arty head, now.

“Brokeback Mountain” star Michelle Williams told us from the front row of the 3:1 Phillip Lim show Sunday night that she wasn’t planning on going to any other shows this Fashion Week.

After some complimentary small talk about the designer, we asked about the honking great diamond ring on her finger.

Details of Michelle’s pouty response are after the jump.


“I don’t want to talk about it,” she said, shooting down any talk of an engagement with Heath Ledger.

Sick of the media attention, huh? In response: a cold, cold stare. Guess so, then!

Oh fer chrissakes, how about a polite smile and “no comment”? You’d better hope your next film gets the same accolades as Brokeback, otherwise you’re basically going to end up as a surly Jennifer Love Hewitt. And Ghost Whisperer is a career coda you don’t want to endure.