Michelle Williams’ Interview Before Heath’s Death

Michelle Williams sat down with British Magazine Wonderland just before ex-fiance Heath Ledger’s death. The issue was released this week, with some fabulous photos of the actress. In the candid interview Michelle reveals a lot about how she dealt with media scrutiny during their relationship.

Regarding the split Michelle said, “When you’re in a relationship with somebody who is also a public personality then it doubles the attention from the media. When you minus that equation it’s just less enticing. That’s been a real bonus. It’s the plus side of the break-up for me.”

Michelle also mentioned playing a difficult role in the movie “Incendiary” with Ewan McGregor.

“It’s about a woman grieving after losing her husband and son in a terrorist attack. It was a brutal role and arduous: six-day weeks, 14 hour-days. I was like the walking dead towards the end.”

Even weirder, this isn’t the first creepy interview foreshadowing Heath’s death.