Michelle Williams Helps Start Scholarship In Heath Ledger’s Name

Michelle Williams will be the “first benefactor” for a scholarship for struggling Australian actors established in the deceased Heath Ledger’s name. Michelle and Heath had a lengthy relationship and he was the father of her daughter Matilda.

The scholarship was announced by director Gregor Jordan at Thursday night’s Australians in Film 2008 Breakthrough Awards in Beverly Hills. Gregor was a friend of Heath’s and worked with him on two films.

During his speech, Jordan recalled Heath was a struggling actor himself, and he once had to lend his friend some money.

“The first thing he does with the money is go into a bar and buy everyone … a round of drinks,” Jordan said,”It is that generosity that somehow sums Heath up. When he had nothing, he still found a way to give to others.”

To much applause, Jordan emtotionally announced Michelle’s part in the project.

It’s going to involve a number of benefactors and there’s been a lot of interest already,” the director explained. “I was talking to Michelle Williams, his partner and the mother of his child, today and Michelle has said she would be very proud and happy to be the first benefactor.”

The details of the scholarship haven’t been finalized as of yet, but the general idea is that one Australian actor will be given the chance to “crack it” in Hollywood.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online