Michelle Williams Isn’t Christian Friendly

March 2nd, 2006 // 44 Comments

Christians once again show that they can be full of crap. You see, Michelle Williams went to a Christian school, and the headmaster isn’t thrilled with her career choices.

“Michelle doesn’t represent the values of this institution. We would not approve of her movies and TV shows (including the teen drama “Dawson’s Creek”). We’d not like to be tied to ‘Brokeback Mountain.’ “I hope we offered her something in life. But she made the kinds of choices of which we wouldn’t approve. ‘Brokeback Mountain’ basically promotes a lifestyle we don’t promote. It’s not the word of God.”

Oh, papa don’t preach. It seems that Headmaster Jim Hopson is having trouble separating fiction from reality. Ms. Williams hasn’t married a homosexual. That was a movie. Michelle Williams doesn’t have a gay best friend named Jack. That was a TV show. Now, as for the underage drinking and promiscuity, who knows. Unless Michelle Williams ends up being cast in the The Futher Passion Of The Christ, I don’t think Headmaster Jim is going to be happy.

S.D. school distances self from ‘Brokeback’ actress [SignOnSanDiego via Queerty]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Creed sucks

    I honestly can see what the pastor is saying. I dont think he was implying that Michelle married a gay guy. He was saying that the movie was just immoral. In the bible it does say that God killed homosexuals at Sodom and Gomorrah. Everyone knows that account, but i’m not sayin I agree with what he said. I mean the man is judging Michelle which is not his place to do. He needs to think before he speaks. All i’m sayin is that I can understand what he’s sayin I just dont like the way he is goin about it.

  2. Small Fry

    Because God disapproves of everyone who doesn’t do exactly what he says, don’t you know?

    I love how some so called Christians are so UNaccepting of people who choose to do things differently in life. Not bashing Christians at all as I am one myself, I just find it ironic that some of them are spewing this Christian rhetoric and then calling anyone who doesn’t do exactly as they say/belive a sinner. Hello, God loves everyone. Start practicing what you preach! Sounds like headmaster thinks he’s God.

  3. ali

    Did i read the first post right? God KILLED homosexuals? How…ungodly,

  4. tocutetoscoot

    Whatever! People need to mind thier own business. The KKK called themselves Christians too. You can still be a Christian and live like a “real” person. That is why I have to question organized religion, it is just to stringent. God loves everyone. If he will forgive a murderer who asks for forgivness, then I don’t think that he will hold Michelle’s career choices against her, please!

  5. doofus

    somehow, I don’t think that Michelle Williams cares that much what this guys thinks.

  6. God knows best

    Hey ali believe it or not the bible does say that !! Go read ! corithians 5:9,10 and Genesis chapters 18-20. The real bibles not the fake ones you buy at the store uses the word homosexuals and says GOD KILLED THEM !!!

  7. Lisa

    The God represented in the Old Testament was a much different God than the more forgiving and accepting Jesus in the new Testament. It’s amazing how Christians always refer to the Old Testament God when chastizing people. The whole basis of Christianity revolves around Jesus, yet many Christians have not adopted his attitude.

    Go figure!

  8. jason

    If you believe the Bible, God wiped out everyone in Sodom and Gomorrah, not just homosexuals. He even killed Lot’s wife simply because she looked back at her burning city, which would be human nature. It was a parable, people, written by men who had something against homosexuality. I stopped reading the Bible at that point because Sodom and Gomorrah sounded like some fun-ass cities.

  9. papa

    “Given the appeal to the Bible in the case against homosexuality, one would assume that the Bible has much to say on the subject. It has not. The subject of homosexuality is not mentioned in the Ten Commandments, nor in the Summary of the Law. No prophet discourses on the subject. Jesus himself makes no mention of it, and homosexuality does not appear to be of much concern in those early churches with which Saint Paul and his successors were involved. One has to look rather hard and with a user-friendly concordance, to find any mention of homosexuality at all. This should come as no surprise, because the word homosexuality itself is an invention of the late nineteenth century and does not occur in any of the original manuscripts from which the English Bible is descended. As historian John Boswell has pointed out in his magisterial 1980 study, Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality, (1a)

    In spite of misleading English translations which may imply the contrary, the word, “homosexual” does not occur in the Bible, no extant text or manuscript, Hebrew, Greek, Syrian or Aramaic, contains such a word. In fact none of these languages ever contained a word corresponding to the English “homosexual,” nor did nay language have such a term before the late nineteenth century. (1b)

    Victor Paul Furnish in his 1985 book The Moral Teaching of Paul, informs that the term homosexuality was not coined until the later half of the nineteenth century when it was used by a Hungarian writer commenting on the Prussian legal code. Furnish goes on to remind us that the King James Version of 1611 makes no mention of homosexuality or of any other words in genetically related languages pertaining to it, and that the first use of the term is an English Bible is to be found in the Revised Standard Version of 1946. More recent translations imply the word homosexuality to biblical situations that the translators assume correspond to the meaning of the word and thus today, depending upon your translation of choice, you may or may not see homosexuality in the Bible. There is no doubt, however, that you would not have found the word in any Bible in any language before the year 1946. The significance of those who associate the term homosexuality and any words in genetically related languages thereof force person to investigate further the verses containing this term.(1a)

  10. tia

    Damn .. everybody is gettn all religious lol … chiil out ya’ll

  11. susiegrl

    (Right on Tia!)

    GOD created EVERYONE, (even homosexuals, gasp! note: sarcasm) Get over it. I know a lot of STRAIGHT people I wouldn’t let walk my dog across a street. I’m straight, my best friend isn’t. Woopee. Who I love and HOW I choose to love them is MY business. Period. The point is TO love. That’s what GOD’s all about.
    Now, for all you gay bashers, go and fight a REAL cause! Pick one, or two or three! Like: hunger, or AIDS or homelessness, cancer, racism, child abuse, INDIFFERENCE, etc.

  12. frodo

    Guys – God doesn’t hate homosexuals, he hates sin. That is it, plain and simple. Is homosexuality a sin? Yes. However, so is lying. God looks at them both the same.

  13. atheist

    God (well if he existed) can suck my dick.

    God knows best: > The real bibles not the fake ones

    Huh… you have a copy of the original bible written in hebrew? You must be rich. Oh wait, you mean a “translated” bible you happen to agree with… nevermind.

    What a bunch of crap.

    God is dead (never existed)- hail Nietzsche


    atheist I cant belive you said “God can suck my dick”. Even if he did’t exist atleast have respect for the ppl who do believe in him. Would you tell a child that santa claus can suck your dick cuz he doesnt exist .. um no thats just disrespectful. your an asshole for sayin that and i’ll see you in hades bitch !!

  15. doofus

    to “atheist is a dumb hoe”…

    I’m sure that God is very happy that a true believer like yourself speaks to other people in such a way.

    what happened to turning the other cheek? or trying to convert the nonbelievers?

    and if you don’t know who nietzsche is, I suggest a basic philosophy or theology course.

  16. AnastasiaBeaverhausen

    The having a kid out of wedlock thingie might not thrill her minister as well, but then it didn’t stop the Ultra Catholic Katie Holmes either.

  17. Pastor Simmons

    okay so I have several things to say 1) it doesnt say homosexuals in the bible it says “men who lie with men” 2)jason: god may have killed everyone in sodom and gamorrah incluing Lots wife but the main reason was becuz everyone was in the city were practicing immoral things aka homosexuality ” 3)Nietzsche aka Freidrich Nietzsche is a german philospher who challenged christianity. 4) the bible may have been translated over the years but the almighty and powerful god would not let ppl destroy or make changes to his word. Atheist you need faith.

  18. jason

    Pastor Simmons,

    What kind of god kills a woman (Lott’s wife) for looking back at her home as it burns? Who wouldn’t look back at their home as it’s being destroyed?

    I believe in a loving god who would not do this. I also believe that the Bible has been changed by men to reflect the times or their personal views, despite your assertion to the contrary.

    People also choose to cling to the “men should not lie with men” edict, but disregard many of the other laws stated in Leviticus and Exodus. For example, Exodus 35:2 says that someone who works on the Sabbath should be executed. Leviticus 25:44 states that it is acceptable to own slaves as long as they are from a neighboring nation. If homosexuality is wrong because it goes against God’s law as outlined in the Bible, why aren’t any number of activities now viewed as innocuous but once regarded as unacceptable also offenses against God’s law? How can one part of Leviticus be deemed as etched in stone when other parts have been discarded as archaic?

  19. Pastor Bator

    Does the Bible also not say that I may beat my wife so long as the instrument of my discipline is less the width of my thumb? Further, true believers, please explain to me how any writing that is translated from a different culture during a different period of time, by men with different reasons for deciding how to translate, could possibly maintain anything more than a very basic resemblence to that which was written two thousand (?) years earlier? Also, if the Bible is the Word of the Almighty, why are the images of Jesus, in Western society, always portraying him as a white fellow, when he would in fact be, well, very non-white? Too, if your much translated copies of different versions of various texts from oh-so-long-ago are truly the word of God, why would He not inscribe them in a more permanent manner so all would see the undiluted wisdom of his words? Lastly, if we were made in His image, does that not include homosexuals (men who lay with men)?

  20. Pastor Simmons

    Okay guys .. we have to remember that rules were very different back then. God had more strict laws back then becuz his ppl were as close to perfection as possible so he had to keep it that way. Eventually he knew it would get out of hand and the only ways of communicating with his ppl were through the bible … many reasons the bible was translated over the years is because of all the different languages and the way ppl understand things. Either way he made sure he got his point across with the bible. No man can destroy gods word and if they attempted to gods holy spirit will bring it back. Secondly your right Pastor Bator jesus was not white nor was he born december 25, but ppl chose to believe what they want to believe (ex. marrying homosexuals in churches, calling Halloween a Holiday). All of you are so insighful but you fail to do research. You should research these things before you speak on them. You will understand better.

  21. Pastor Simmons

    Jason : God told Lot and his family not to look back. Just keep running. Lots wife looked back so he turned her into salt. He had that right… why you may ask. Well he is the creator. If you tell your kids not to do something and they do it anyway would you not discipline them? God works in mysterious ways. Why didn’t he want them to look back well we would never know. Some ppl seem to think becuz maybe Lots wife was immoral and materialistic so God gave her one more chance when he let her run, but she failed so he killed her. Now is that the reason .. well we dont know .. its only speculation. However God is love and everything he does has a reason. Once again you all should do research.

  22. jason

    Pastor Simmons,

    What possibly leads you to speculate that I did not conduct research? Was it my citing of specific chapters/verses of scripture? To most readers, such cites would be indicative of the opposite (that is, I did research).

    As you said yourself “rules were different back then.” I assume this is your response to my researched post about God’s law allowing for the “smiting” of neighbors who work on the Sabbath and the Bible’s consent to slave ownerhsip provided the slave in question is from a neighboring nation (see my post above for scriptural cites).

    In modern times these rules seem rather ridiculous(I’m sure you agree that many of the laws in Leviticus should not be followed today). So why is it okay to pick and choose which rules you consider germane today? Why is it okay to use one verse in the Bible to condemn people that God created as homosexuals, when you don’t follow all of the other rules to the law.

  23. Mary Magdalene

    Wonderful to see such educated and passionate comments. better than “What is Britney wearing”? discussions.

    Jason is incredibly eloquent, I dont care what side of the argument you are on – you would have to agree. He backs up his argument well.

    I am not as sophiticated as Jason but I will say the following.

    The bible is a collection of interpretations put together in the King James version. It is by no way a direct or even near direct depiction of what Jesus taught.

    Jesus was a worldly man who challenged people with revolutionary ideas and yes most humans dont follow his teachings no matter how religious they are. Jesus said “love thy enemy” for he said what is the reward if you only love the ones who love you? This is heavy stuff. Very buddhist too. Supposedly, during the lost years of Jesus he may have studied in Asia and thus the Buddhistnature of his teachings. People, Christians, refuse to accept this.

    Also, who is God? What is he? Is he not what you find in your heart? Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, etc have different ideas on how to attain God. God is intangible. Yet somehow we think “he” came down and buil the world in 7 days or turned people to salt or whatever other ideals. Funny Christians are against witchcraft because a lot of the “powers” that they place onto God is very much witchcraft – turning people, unexplainably, into things. Whys is this not happening now?

    My last point is the one I am most passionate about: If God even did say that homosexuality is wrong (which I don’t believe he did), or slavery is ok, or women are second class then in our quest to be good humans, isn’t the real test to see if we are able to defy those teachings in the name of being good humans?

    Al Qaeda Muslims say they are killing infidels because Allah said so (which he did not) should they not rethink this teaching since it is so brutal?

    Won’t God appreciate you more or reconsider your actions if you defy him in order to accomplish his ultimate request of humans – which is to be good to all people?

    How can people who hate homosexuals, hate other races, just plain hate – be at peace with being good. Hate is not always burning down someone’s church or sygnagogue – hate is manifested in passivity and intolerance on any level.

    The Al-Quaeda guys and the Nazis are easier to detect. But what about those of us who turn the other cheek to fellow humans – who don’t respect them and who teach our children to not respect them – are we not just as bad?

    I embrace all people regardless of sexual orientation, race, religion or creed. I am confident that my God will love me for it and will know that my good intentions and my quest to contribute positivity to the human race supercedes his request that I become intolerant of someone based on who they sleep with at night.

    This is why I love God. She is complex and good. I want to be in her likeness.

  24. Greetings

    Dude, Jesus hung out with ppl that were sinners you know: hookers, tax collectors, thieves, and so on and so forth. You know the phrase “Hate the sin, love the sinner”. That applies to everything. From murder to lying and everything else. God/Jesus hates the sin, not the person and who they are. Just their chosen actions at time. Ppl must take into account that one person representation of Christianity does not at all reflect the whole of it. Though there are alot of misconceptions out there, and some people do not represent Christianity well at all, but unfortunately you cannot take back what it said, one can only hope to rectify it.

  25. Altar Boy

    How did it get so crazy? The fanatical nutjobs who discriminate in the name of God. Fuck them and their nonsense. They are all sinners – dumb ones at that. And frustrated gays probably thus the hatred toward gays.

    Look at those crazy priests who molest young boys. yeah, Jesus really likes that. Morons.

  26. bestdress

    I know there are a lot of homosexuals that post on here so go ahead and bash this post as well.

    Like the first poster said, her movie and that television show promoted something that is a wrong in the bible.

    Yes Jesus did make sinners his friends but he was not promoting their sins! Jesus was leading them from their sins!

    I find it funny that idiots love to argue about something they no very little about.

  27. Lisa


    I understand your argument, but what gives you the right to pass judgement on any other human. You are human right, you are not Christ, so how can you, in good faith, deem any other human, as a sinner? I am a Christian, Therefore, I do not have a right to pass judgement on any other person. That is God’s job, not yours.

    We, as Christians, are supposed to be a witness, not an executioner.

  28. Rundown

    Why is it that when I say I like little kids, people want to throw me in jail. But whenever a kid dies, the mommy inevitably says that the child is now with Jesus. So I guess Jesus likes little kids. Why is that not frowned upon?

  29. The bible, bestdress, is full of shit. And I am not gay. I love men and I am a woman. You are too ignorant to admit the bible is a load of crap to keep people in line. It was created by scared men who were too stupid to understand the origins of the world so instead they scared the living daylights out of people in order to keep tehm in line.

    The world was created in 7 days? BULLSHIT! And you dumb Christians know if’s full of shit. You know that is not possible yet you’re too scared to admit.

    Abracadabra, the world is created in 7 days adn abracadabra I am walking on water now…..Sounds like a bad freakin’ twilight episode.

    You dumb Christian white trash asses!

  30. Dina

    Bestdress 10:25 and the first poster, what exactly about Homosexuality is a sin?

    Please tell me. What about it is sinful? What? I want a clear answer. What exactly about the act itself of homosexuality is sinful?

  31. tia

    Please dont get mad at me guys lol … I come from a christian family .. so listen before I say this i’m not taking sides OK … Dina : the fact that it is stated in the bible that god views men lying with men (homosexuality) makes it a sin (1 corithians 6:9,10) … Jesus : there is a scripture in the bible that says a day to us is a thousand years to god. (2 peter 3:8) .. okay thats it lol … ONCE AGAIN IM NOT TAKING SIDES !!!I’m not saying I agree with anything .. Just answering questions.

  32. symelanguage

    Obviously, before we take advice from this “God” character, we have to think twice, because “He” is a little bit slow.We know this for in the Bible , God recommends incest. If that were a good idea, and everyone was having incest, we would all be mentally challenged, thus made in “His” image.

  33. Mr. Jesus Allah Buddah

    Tia: the bible is the biggest detriment to humanity because it causes us to hate an entire groupd of people because it syas :”men should not lie with men”.

    How do you justify not hating other groups like Blacks, etc – because it does not say it in the bible?

    How can Bible thumpers like Tia judge radical Muslims? They are alike. Kill the infidels because they do not follow Allah and they are sinners. Gays are sinners, etc. Same shit, different fanatic morons.

    What hypocrisy!

  34. tia

    Mr. Jesus .. plz do not disrespect me. I said I was not taking sides. I do not care about Michelle Williams or who is gay and who isnt. I have respect for the bible but that doesnt mean I believe it. I was just answering questions. I was NOT JUDGING OR DISRESPECTING ANYONE!!! So whatever a bible thumper is please refrain from calling me that. I dont know what it meant and I do not care but what I do know is that its prolly the corniest word I ever heard and if its ok I dont want to hear it again. Thank you and have a nice day.

  35. Hi

    I’ve never commented on this board before. But, i have to say in general, that a lot of this discussion depends on what version of the bible you are reading. There are NUMEROUS translations of the text that interpret things VERY differently. As a religious scholar, graduating with a PHD in Religious studies- one thing i have learned is that everyone can use the bible to back up various different points of view- because the writers of the bible had various difference points of view, and over time those points of view have been translated by people who have their own points of view, etc. So, in all honesty- you can’t say, this is wrong because the bible tells me so, because- the bible you read these days is NOT what was originally written, or how it was originally meant.

  36. Hi

    Also- Dina, I wanted to answer your question regarding why homosexuality is a sin (not my opinion, but the base reasoning). It has to do with the premise that sex, in general, is not supposed to be a “fun” activity, it is something to be done for the sole purpose of procreation. Hence, as homosexuals cannot procreate, their being together is sinful. Similarly it should be recognized that if that is indeed the case- it is also sinful for straight couples to have sex without the intent of procreating- hence the view by many religious people that birth control is also a sin. However, many Christians forget the real basis for the sinful nature of homosexuality, and therefore do not see their own sexual activity as sinful.

  37. Dina

    Thanks Hi for clarifying. So does that mean, according to the bible, if I am an infertile woman who cannot have kids and I have sex, am I sinning?

  38. Mr. Jesus Allah Buddah

    Alright Tia, I won’t call you a Bible Thumper. You are redeemed :) Sorry to offend you.

    I still think Christians, for the most part are as fanatical as Radical Muslims – they just cover it up better. I was born a Christian so I know first hand how hateful people who go to church seven days a week can be.

    Has anyone heard of that nut who wants to have a Catholic town in Florida? I think it’s Moynahan. What is America coming to? Another Waco? Geez. Enough already.

  39. Lily

    I think its very sad that you all choose to believe that GOD’s feelings and believes are so literal…. Listen – God is in YOUR hearts and in you head… And if you think that God’s love is determined by a bunch of words then i feel for you deeply. God said this and God killed this one. Come on these are stories. THIS IS LIFE. If you are good – god knows. And if you are bad – god knows.

  40. Meg

    I hear you Lily. people use the bible as an excuse to do bad things.

    Step up to the plate and be courageous. Be good to people and don’t judge? That is TRULY Godlike.

  41. Atheist

    YOUR GOING TO HELL-> YUP! I am… but wait a minute- that would mean hell would have to exist. Oh well.

    As far as kids and santa- I can forgive kids of a certain age for being ignorant morons to believe in a fairy tale- not so a grown adult. So bitches, god is still sucking my dick- shit maybe that’s just the dog… I dunno- I’m going with it.

    I’ll respect bible thumping fuck-tards as soon as they respect others- preachin’ your fire and brimstone- stone the heathan faggot shit ain’t what I call respect.


  42. Sparrow

    I always like how most people who disagree with Christians are allowed to bash the hell out of their beliefs and not be called on it, but if a Christian says something a non-Christian is doing is wrong they become a “judgmental asshole” and should go mind their own business. Well, if a non-Christian insists that Christians just ignore all the crap they think is wrong and love everybody why aren’t the non-Christians doing the same? Just ignore all the stuff Christians say and love them for who they are? What a hypocritical double-standard as usual.

  43. Atheist

    Hey Fuck-Tard sparrow- when’s the last time you saw laws enacted that make your bible thumping bullshit illegal? Oh the poor, poor xtian having to endure some epithets from rational humans like myself… I don’t give a shit *what* you fuck-tards have to say, but when laws in *my* country are based on your (you and your ilk) fallacious beliefs, I get a little miffed. And a fuck-tard citing hypocrisy is really, really funny. Your little delusional book is FULL of hypocrisy. So again, “condemn” me all you want- I don’t care- but I will rail against ridiculous laws and persecution that is based on that bullshit.


  44. wow

    Good point Atheist. Unfortunately, this is a war the Christians are detemrnined to win – a war based on hating – how funny – they love God but hate his creations. What assholes.

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