Michelle Williams On The Cover Of A Magazine

February 21st, 2006 // 13 Comments

Michelle Williams graces the cover of the latest issue of Interview Magazine.

Hollywood couple Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams are planning to escape to Greece or Amsterdam, Holland, after they attend the Oscars next month.

The lovebirds, who met and fell in love on the set of Brokeback Mountain and now have a child together, are beginning to feel like the focus of everyone’s attention and so they’re house-hunting in Europe.

Williams explains, “We feel like we need a break, to go somewhere with no paparazzi or gossip magazines, where we don’t have to feel so self-conscious.

“So we may go and live in Amsterdam or Greece or somewhere.”

Ah, “we may and go live in Amsterdam or Greece or somewhere?” Why not just throw a dart at a map.

More images of Michelle Williams from Interview, after the jump.

Ledger And Williams Look For A European Holiday Home [contactmusic]

(Images via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Marley

    I think she is beautiful

  2. Marnie

    She is beautiful. Doesn’t she look like a very well-scrubbed version of Averil Leavine?

  3. spitty

    What happened to Dawson (James Vanderbeek’s career)? Michelle and Katie have done good. Michelle usually does smaller quirky films which are usually entertaining. Katie has been in some good stuff.

  4. They want to be away from it all. OK. Uh…AUSTRALIA?

  5. Marial

    she is pretty , Not beautifull

  6. Marial, I agree...she's just pretty.

    I thought she looked horrible during the “Dawson” years, but she looks half way decent now. Just not beautiful, but pretty.

  7. Emily

    I also agree that shes not beautiful but she deff. gotten better looking after Dawsons Creek, I thought she was ugly on that show. But those pics are pretty.

  8. Brooke

    I think she looks stunning. But there is something about her that looks different from her Dawson years, and I don’t think its a loss of babyfat. I just can’t put my finger on it exactly.

  9. damn

    Hey paparazzi, we don’t want you taking our pictures anymore so we’re moving to Greece where nobody will recognize us!

  10. spitty

    Fact. Most women even on TV or in the movies aren’t beautiful period the end. Some are attractive. Some are cute. Some are hot. Some are not. Some have that little something. Beautiful is not just esthetically pleasing. It encompasses the whole being and since we do not know these people we don’t know if they are beautiful or not.

    The other thing is once someone is shoved in your face on tv or in the movies repeatedly, people tend to perceive them as attractive. If they were on the streets most people would perceive them as average.

    Everyone finds someone attrcative. I hate it when people shove wooded Nicole Kidman down my throat and force feed me that she’s beautiful. In Dead Calm she was in that untonched way. Now she’s a hollywood machine.

    I never watched Dawson’s creek but I did have the pleasure of watching Michelle Williams in many quirky films and I liked her.

  11. Emily

    O well whatever I dont care for much. Shes not or never was a favortite actress of mine.

  12. M

    Aesthetically is the correct word.

  13. mahoney

    God, I love this woman.

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