Michelle Williams, Ryan Gosling, And ‘Blue Valentine’ Already Getting Oscar Buzz

Blue Valentine just hit Cannes yesterday (May 18) and the Oscar buzz has already started. To be fair it probably started back at Sundance, moving audiences with an intense story and great on-screen chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. Word is it’s pretty depressing, but very honest.

The cast of the film walked down the Cannes red carpet looking more cheerful than their onscreen counterparts. Michelle went with a very unique silhouette in a baby pink Chanel off the shoulder gown, minimal make-up, and a choppy part in her hair. I kind of preferred yesterday’s bangs and I’m a little on edge thinking that dress is going to go south, but I’m digging the look. What do you think?

Ryan went slicked back in a Burberry tux that lost it’s bowtie by the after party. I’m not trying to start any rumors here, but he and Michelle make a cute couple holding hands. It’s tough to figure out who Ryan is dating right now, which probably makes him happy.

Juliette Binoche went Grecian and metallic in a one shoulder, gathered dress, that looks like it might be made out of lame, a multiple chain belt, and chain-gang shoes. The whole look is a little heavy for me but that lady seriously looks like she’s chiseled out of ivory. I can’t believe she’s 46.

Rachel Bilson attended the after party in a more casual leopard look with puffed sleeves and a double leather belt. I love how she makes her looks delicate with small vintage looking chain purses.

Little Faith Wladyka, who plays the daughter in the film, is wearing a dress that saysOnce upon a time there lived a prince who wanted to marry a princess” which is so adorable I can’t stand it. She looks like she’s having the time of her life skipping around the after party in bare feet and wither Ryan swinging her around.

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