Michelle Rodruguez…She Look-ah Like-ah Man

December 21st, 2009 // Leave a Comment

When I first saw these pics, I thought to myself, “Self, why is Michelle Rodriguez not wearing a tracking device? If I say something mean about her dirty feet, will she be free enough to kill me in my sleep? Or is the world still safe from a freely roaming Michelle Rodriguez???”

Then I realized these are old shots from Michelle’s ‘Fast and the Furious’ days, and I know that the reason they didn’t take new photos, is because  they couldn’t pry her our of her plaid cut off shirt and tool belt, or get a hold on her because she is too greasy from using all that manteca to get her monitoring bracelet off.

Ahhh, sweet serenity rules again.

And yes, I said manteca. Look it up. It is a perfectly well placed reference to a component in Latino cuisine. So put those beans in your pipe and smoke ‘em. Hmph.

Gallery info: Maxim – January 2010. Promotion for James Cameron’s New Movie ‘Avatar‘ in theatres now.

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By Lizzie B. Vicious

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