Michelle Rodriguez Won’t Be at the Oscars

Hollywood is all a buzz with the Oscars quickly approaching. James Cameron’s Avatar has nine nominations, but don’t expect to see Michelle Rodriguez there!

“I think that’s for the guys who put most time into the project, that’s
for the lead cast that was there for four years busting their b**ts,
all the special effects guys, the editors involved,” said Rodriguez in an interview with Mirror.

I’m a little disappointed. Remember when she was actually sexy and something to look at? I miss those days. What happened?!

“James Cameron, the production team, let them go to the forefront and I’ll go celebrate afterwards, at all the parties I’ll be there to hug them and support!” she added.

Hug them and support? More so, hug them and hope they hold her up. Just kidding. I was never a fan of Rodriguez in orange and she really does look very nice (from a distance) on stage at the  60th Italian Music Festival at the Ariston Theatre in Sanremo this past February 17. Let’s hope she gets to enjoy the Avatar award season ride as simply as possible.