Michelle Rodriguez Isn’t Helping Her Case

May 24th, 2007 // 11 Comments

Michelle Rodriguez is interesting. And not just because she could pummel the mess out of me and leave me for dead in an alley. She’s interesting because she swore up and down all over her website that she’s not a lesbian after “Curve” magazine outed her but then she’s going and hitting on Sharon Stone at benefits. Stop lying, Shell.

Things got raucous when the “Grindhouse” star, auctioning off tennis lessons with Monica Seles, offered to lay a big wet one, not on the winning bidder, but on Stone.

Jesus, could you get anymore lesbian? This piece even includes women’s tennis. Throw in some Dinah Shore weekend at Palm Springs and it’s the island of Sappho.


By J. Harvey

  1. Alex

    I don’t remember M-Rod being in Grindhouse. I think they might have her confused with Rose McGowan, or possibly Kurt Russell.

  2. tam

    who cares if she prefers girls?

  3. Darth Paul

    Obviously, the source is unreliable. She was not in Grindhouse. I’ll take it a step further and call the source RACIST…because they obviously think all latinas look alike.

    Michelle’s great, lesbot or not.

  4. lookwhaticando

    I loved her in Lost, and she is kick azz hot.

  5. NO

    MY GOD, do you people even check your facts. She was not in Grindhouse AND….she did her onstage auction hosting gig with that Svetlana chick, NOT the tennis player. There’s pics to prove it. Congrats, you just proved Michelle’s point by becoming yet another idiot who repeats completely hilariously INACCURATE information!

  6. Is

    Haha… her nipple is TOTALLY showing in the main pic!

  7. Is

    Haha… her nipple is TOTALLY showing in the main pic!

  8. Is

    Haha… her nipple is TOTALLY showing in the main pic!

  9. Is

    Haha… her nipple is TOTALLY showing in the main pic!

  10. L.

    If she did say it, it’s pretty damn funny. The stars stand up there and try to get people to donate for the item up for auction. She
    maybe made a funny and kinda hot jest to do that….so? I don’t think that b/c someone has said they aren’t gay that means they can never make a joke about something without people twisting it to be more than it was. Besides, she’s made it clear she’s gone both ways and has never hidden that. You guys are the only ones trying to pin her as totally gay or totally straight, not her. There is an in between you know. She isn’t lying about jack crap. Learn to take a joke and stop going over her every move with a fine-toothed comb so you can turn around and shove it in her face as if she’s contradicting herself or faking or something. It’s called having fun. You’d think you, a gossip blogger, of all people would understand that.

    In any effect, she wasn’t in “Grindhouse”, so I agree that they are pretty stupid and it makes you kind of question the whole thing to begin with.

  11. Sappho may have been a large woman in comfortable shoes, but calling her a landmass is hardly charitable.

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