Michelle Rodriguez Is Annoyed By How Our Legal System Works

Michelle Rodriguez took to her blog to reveal her woes in dealing with the United States legal system since she got busted a couple of times. Kind of like what we do here at A Socialite’s Life except we’re not as butch. Well, I’m not. I wouldn’t call Lisa butch, but just don’t ever be slow with her drink. She’s been known to throw tables.

MICHELLE Rodriguez blames everybody but herself for her two drunken-driving convictions. “At 15 miles an hour, never killed a pot head . . . We get stopped driving like 15 miles an hour down a 35- to 40-mph road,” the bisexual “Lost” star writes on her grammatically challenged blog. “I cry, this sucks a – – . . . I hire some lawyer from Hawaii, lose my 28 acres of land and my home in Jersey paying him off, just so I can get the same treatment I would have gotten from a public defender. I realized my payday in movies was way better than TV at that moment.”

She goes on to bitch about how she had to wear some kind of alcohol-detecting bracelet that kept going off when she used mouthwash. Maybe you shouldn’t have been drinking that shit Kitty Dukakis-style! Anyway, she feels that “for someone like me, this level of control isn’t necessary”. Well, honey – you’re rampaging around in your Pinto, with a bottle of hooch between your legs and a blunt in your mouth. I don’t think you’re going to be replacing the D.A.R.E. cop that visits schools anytime soon.