Michelle Rodriguez Is A Wedding Party Pooper

When Michelle Rodriguez attended the four-day wedding of her manager/best friend Giancarlo Chersich to actress Celines Toribio, she played the role of rowdy bridesmaid. Woo hoo! But seriously, who among us hasn’t?

First, at the dinner welcoming the guests to the Casa de Campo Resort in the Dominican Republic, Rodriguez pushed guests into the pool. Then, at the bachelorette party, she berated the stripper for being “fat” and having a “small [bleep].” I’m going to assume that was “penga.”

On the night of the wedding, things calmed down a bit when Rodriguez was content to simply strip off her dress and boogie down in some jeans and a tank top at the reception. I don’t see what the big deal was. Did anyone lose an eye? OK, then consider yourselves lucky.

Gallery Info: Michelle Rodriguez signs autographs as she arrives outside a Hollywood studio for a TV show.