Michelle Rodriguez Has A Thing For Colin Farrell

June 20th, 2006 // 16 Comments

Is that so? Because the word is that she’s been hooking up with Kylie Minogue‘s significant other Oliver Martinez. She truly seems to be willing to put it all out there for both teams.

She says, “I’ve got my eye on him (Colin Farrell). The kind of people I fall for are free spirits–people who’ll run naked on the beach with me and won’t care if anyone’s looking.”

More photos of Michelle Rodriguez getting some free swag, after the jump.

Rodriguez Dreams of Farrell Relationship [Hollywood.com]


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. anonymous

    She could double for my neighbors’ maid.

  2. Brett

    She comes across like a bull dyke, not like Angelina Jolie. Something tells me she has razor
    blades in her lovely lady hump.

  3. Unknown

    I thought she was moving to France…

  4. C

    Is it too much to ask that I never again see another photo of her with hair in her eyes?

  5. FunMe

    We don’t like her.

    Yet she makes it hard for us to reverse trend and actually start like her.

    Meanwhile, has she gotten her tickets to France so she can leave the USA?

  6. Helen Sparkles

    I will buy her ticket, Kylie just got over cancer for goddsakes and with such dignity; something this woman wouldn’t recognise if it run her over.

  7. tom

    So, Colin Farrel’s a girl now?

  8. tom

    …and is the thing she’s got for him her dick?

  9. Shaun New Zealand

    Leve Kylie’s man alone! Kylie is way hotter and way more talented than you will ever be girl! Dont be sach a …………!!!

  10. Uptoolate

    Am I the only one to remember she is a lesbian?

  11. Shut up, already!

    “Lost” became almost unwatchable while she was on the show. She’s so goddamn annoying.

  12. Tom

    Not fond of MR, but folks getting cancer doesn’t erase your past. Kylie is no saint.

  13. las

    No, but it makes people a lot more sympathetic than if you’re a drunken one-note felon with a self-destroyed career.

  14. Tom

    Ias, in her defense, she never had a career.

  15. kat

    go TOM :-) I was about to say one word about her…UNTALENTED

  16. Tom

    Yes, but don’t get me wrong, I would definitely lay the wood to Ms. Rodriguez, given the opportunity. I would of course feel guilty afterward and have nobody to blame but myself for the diseases I had caught.

    Is it wrong to have kind of a thing for lesbians? I hope not, because it is a recurring theme in my so sad life…

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