Michelle Rodriguez: Out Of The Slams And Out On The Town

Michelle Rodriguez wasted no time in getting caught up on her partying. After being released from jail early last week, she immediately went out with some galpals and painted the town red this past weekend. Michelle tooled around in a convertible and told the paps that “I got some New Year’s celebrating to do.” Michelle was in the lesbian playground for violating her probation agreement. I understand. If I had just gotten out of jail, I’d be out in the club baptizing myself with champagne and buying rounds. That is, if it jibed with my parole agreement. Is she supposed to be behind the wheel? Cause’ she tends to drive drunk. And then when she gets busted, she tends not to do her community service. But I’m not gonna ask her, YOU ask her. And I know I’ve said this before, but PLEASE remind me to commit crimes or at least shirk my probation duties in LA. They’re sorta soft on crime. If all this crap happened in a state down south, half of these slags would be dead by lethal injection.

Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com