Michelle Rodriguez Busted Out Of The Pen

Kidding. Actually she was released from prison early, according to the LA Sherrif’s office. Michelle was originally sentenced to 180 days at the Lynnwood, California jail and began her sentence on Dec. 23. I know that it’s sad she spent Christmas as one of her first days in jail but you know this chick ended up running that place. Would you try and take her in a shower fight? She was born to rule as head lesbian in charge in the joint! Michelle had violated her probation by failing to provide proof that she completed community service and having a couple of pops while still wearing her alcohol monitoring anklet. Heh. That’s a girl who just doesn’t give one. A correctional officer had been previously been quoted as saying that Michelle was “nothing like Paris Hilton!” Well, yeah, Michelle means it when she makes out with girls and Paris does it just to give some idiot blue balls. When asked before she began her sentence whether or not she was nervous she replied “I’m a woman, honey!” That could have multiple meanings, but I’m going to delve too far into it. She starred in a flick called “Girlfight” and I think she could take me.