Michelle Rodriguez Takes The Plunge

September 1st, 2005 // 36 Comments

And it’s not pretty. What an ugly, ugly dress.

(Image via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Laura Lord Belle

    um..I like it…..

  2. j

    Are those puka shells??

  3. Shannon

    She makes me want to puka. Greasy!

  4. anon

    Now there’s a girl with zero class.

  5. roxy

    is that the back??

  6. Jo

    God Miu, you hardly even post stuff anymore and you’re getting way harsh.

    Michelle Rodriguez is one of the only role models I have as someone my age. She’s the bomb and you’re just jealous.

    Michelle you rock! And it’s a Beautiful dress. Not everyone has to look like a Vogue debudork

  7. raevee nyc

    good one Shannon!

  8. Gaydar

    Michelle is a very butch lesbian, so I’m surprised she even put on a dress. But, yeah, that thing is hideous.

  9. Arthur

    Looks good to me, too. Surely it’s hard to slam it so hard if we can’t even see the whole thing? The angle isn’t doing great things for her chin… but that’s a sexy girl, sexiest I’ve seen on this blog for ages…

  10. doofus

    yeah, shannon, that WAS a good one.

    and jo…lighten up. she wasn’t bashing Michelle, just her dress. I’m curious…why is she your “role model”? besides her acting chops, what’s she done that would make her worthy of being a role model? I mean, I don’t hear about her doing humanitarian missions or starting programs for inner city kids or anything like that…in fact, she is a high school drop out who was arrested in 2002 for beating up her roommate.

    IMHO, her bod looks good…muscular and not too skinny. but the dress is horrible!

  11. timk

    she looks OK to me

  12. Coco

    Ugly dress, true, but I’d like to see any of you ladies in here that are trash talking her with a body hot enough to pull it off.

  13. josh

    Frankly Im a bit sick and tired of the females (not all, but some in particular) who keep bashing celebs and calling them “ugly”. I havent a single doubt in my mind that most of you are pretty fugly yourselves. It’s so easy to judge, eh?

    i agree, the dress is ugly, but Im sure it’d look 100x uglier on any one of you.

  14. RG

    Josh, women are held to an idiotic, unreachable standard of beauty and it’s about time they fight back with words.
    And you must be the picture of absolute good looks seeing as how you so quickly lash out at real women. What happen the air pump broke again?

  15. The only word to describe that picture is “Wow!”

  16. josh

    to RG> What is your point? What you said had nothing to do with my comment. What does MY physical appearance have to do with anything?

    The typical beauty standard is almost impossible, but I dont’ see how criticizing another woman is called “fighting back”, it only reflects your own insecurities.

  17. mnc

    she is a hottie… hot hot hot

    she isn’t all that butch if she is wearing that dress now is she? there goes that theory

    go judge someone else

    and I dare any of you to even try to pull that dress off

    now — the real gossip would be “where was she when this picture was taken?” — in the Dominican Rebuplic with Mr. Diesel perhaps????

    spill it!

  18. medea

    she looks good and not greasy,just a little sleazy.She is problay getting ready to go eat a “fur burger”.

  19. badkitty

    i think she’s cool and everything. the dress isn’t so bad but.. but.. WHY IS HER HAIR ALWAYS DIRTY LOOKKIIINGGGG. it drives me nuts.. i don’t understand.. oh god..

  20. This is the most tasteful outfit i’ve ever seen her in.

  21. lexi

    i wouldn’t mind the dress so much if it didn’t show so much of her stomach.

  22. ruby_Lou

    Apart from looking like a Naked Olive Martini in seashells…Michelle has got the booty to carry off some sex Appeal..

  23. kristin

    she looks great

  24. TasAnnie

    Cleavage? No problem! Bit of skin? Hey, I’m fine with that!


    Sorry…It’s probably just me, but I really don’t need to see the need for clothing that frames your belly button.

    It’s just not nice. Why not something that actually enhances, rather than shows off?

  25. Jean Jeannie


  26. Mo

    This chick is a head-scratcher….I have no idea how she became ‘famous’. She looks like your average, every-day fast-food restaurant employee……Zzzzzzzzz.

  27. Mariana

    She looks hot and wet. Me likey.

  28. Silasdog

    As long as there are street corners, she’ll always have a job.

  29. passer by

    No, seriously…I wonder how many of you girls here can actually pull this outfit off.

    I don’t mind Michelle R., at least she isnt the typical girly stars who likes to wear pink, a lot of make up, carry Gucci bags. She’s a tough girl, and that’s just who she is.

  30. Pleasantly disturbed

    I pulled the dress off and she smacked me upside my dome!! Bitch is hotto magneto and I need some help!! Help me now bitches!

  31. toyks

    Can’t even see the whole dress. I think MR is great, doesn’t look like a clone of the tannorexic squad in Holy-wood . She looks healthy, and lots of guys dig her. So don’t hate y’all

  32. whatyousay

    I am a lesbian and i need attention.

  33. Sally

    what a tart.
    I wonder if she is wearing it back to front?

    We shouldn’t tease the poor girl.. she needs the publicity… hmmm what was her last movie agian?…

  34. Leesha

    She looks beautiful as always.

    Its pathetic that a woman can’t look like a WOMAN and not a stick figure or Barbie doll without being called a “butch lesbian.”

    Just because she has muscles and that Latina shape, she’s a bull-dyke?


  35. dontmatter

    I think she is always beautiful and would love one opportunity to f@!k I mean meet her

  36. Goblin

    I think she’s gorgeous!

    I love the dress, as well. It’s nice to see that type of dress on a muscular body and not a waify one, for a change.

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