No Comparison

Comparing Jessica Simpson to the gorgeousness that is Michelle Pfeiffer is like comparing a beautiful diamond to a rancid kidney stone. Often times I will refer to Angelina Jolie as The Most Beautiful Woman In The World but I’m pretty sure it’s actually Michelle. Look at her. LOOK AT HER. Flawless. She makes Demi Moore look like Quasimodo. But she’s wrong about something. She thinks “Grease 2″ is a crap film. I think “Grease 2″ is the most magical of filmmaking. F*ck “Look At Me, I’m Sandra Dee”. Howabout “We’re Gonna Bowl Tonight” and “Cool Rider” and “I’ll Be Your Girl For All Seasons”? Jesus Christ, I’m almost weeping. Talk about cinema that changed the world! If you ever get the chance, please re-watch “Grease 2″ and note Michelle’s amazing performance of “Cool Rider”. Note her “Cool Rider” dance, and how after she dances away from the school you can still hear her crazy Stephanie ass singing. It’s a howl. Anyway, they’re allegedly going to remake the first one with Jessica Simpson’s braindead self as Sandy and Michelle (who must have had a few cocktails or was feeling particularly generous at the time of this interview) thinks it’s a good idea. Why?

Michelle said: “It’s a great idea and I hear they would like to get Jessica Simpson for the role of Sandy, she would be good.

“I would love to play the school principal. She is fun and has some great put-down lines. I think I would like the part now that I have been asked.”

Michelle regretted taking the part of Stephanie Zinone in ‘Grease 2′ and believes it set her career back 10 years.

The ‘Hairspray’ star is quoted by a British newspaper as saying: “I hated that film with a vengeance and could not believe how bad it was. At the time I was young and didn’t know any better.

Michelle, you don’t mean that! That’s just your TV guru husband David Kelley speaking! You loved playing Stephanie! You loved working with Adrian Zmed and Lorna Luft! And Rex Manning! I seriously need to leave the f*cking house once in awhile, huh?

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