Michelle Pfeiffer Is Making A Comeback

April 28th, 2006 // 17 Comments

It’s been four years since Michelle Pfeiffer has graced a movie screen. The actress is making a sort of a comeback. She has I Could Never Be Your Woman in the can, she’s currently shooting Stardust, and has signed on to star in Chasing Montana. There is also a rumor that she may be signing on for a role in the film version of Hairspray as well. We’re glad to have you back, Michelle.

Michelle Pfeiffer braved the Scottish climate yesterday to unveil her costume for fantasy film Stardust.

Michelle, 47 – who plays witch Lamia in the new Hollywood blockbuster – was beaten back to her trailer by the rain on her first day on set at Kinlochewe in Wester Ross.

But yesterday, a gap in the clouds meant she could give onlookers a first glimpse of her stunning low-cut frock. Set in England, Stardust tells the story of a young man’s quest for true love.

This post is part of Film Experience‘s Michelle Pfeiffer blog-a-thon which was brought to my attention by mk at popbytes. Have forthcoming birthday Michelle!

More photos of Michelle Pfeiffer, after the jump.

Now Witch Shoes Go With This? [Daily Record]

(Images via Saving Face)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Mrs.

    She sure looks great.

  2. doofus

    pardon me, but wasn’t there ALREADY a film version of “Hairspray”? John Waters, Rikki Lake and Divine? no one can top that.


  3. C

    Yippie! Michelle is back! I loved her in White Oleander, can’t wait to see her in her new movies.

  4. moi.

    shes naturally pretty.. i love her one of the best holywood stars

  5. Clint Howard

    Nailed her

  6. doofus

    actually, moi., she was an EARLY user of plastic surgery.

    go to awfulplasticsurgery.com, scroll down to “Bad Nose Jobs”, and click on the first link, “Who’s this girl?”

    you might be surprised at how UN-naturally pretty she is.

  7. Audacte

    Class act who somehow manages to survive as a movie star and not be on every freakin cover of every pathetic magazine. And, amazingly, she has children, yet we never see them in magazines either. Brava

  8. Kris

    yep, classy.

    And it’s about time we see someone halfway normal making the news! sheesh :(
    I’d about given up hope.

  9. Symmy BM

    She is great and she dind’t had plastic surgery :P Cant wait to see the movie :)

  10. TabOOboo_lies

    I love Michelle, and the girl looks great per the norm. She turned 48 today, but she looks the same as she did 10-12yrs ago!

  11. ohhh

    It’s about time! I love Michelle.

  12. Michelle Fan

    Anyone know what her daughter looks like and where one can see a picture of her on-line?

    I heard her daughter is Black – is this true? Or half black (adopted)….?

  13. Michelle Fan

    Also, has anyone heard the rumor that Michelle used to be a call girl? I heard this a while back.

    Maybe she was just a stripper. Not sure.

  14. doofus

    sorry, symmy BM, she’s DEFINITELY had surgery.

    not that she doesn’t look good, but those are not the features she was born with.

    check out the site I mentioned.

  15. Symmy BM

    Michelle Fan yes she does have a girls and she is half white have black she is really cute :D go to PfeifferTheFace.com to see pics with her kids but they are did some years ago

  16. Symmy BM

    doofus i’v seen the site long time ago but the pics are did in diferent angles and dont tell me that if u look at some1′s nose in different angles doenst look different I have most of her m ovies and pics and i really dont see any diference.but anyway wverybody belives what they want :)
    PS sorry for my english

  17. beach bum

    if you check out her high school pics, you’ll see she has had her nose wittled down to a petite size. her former nose looked fine to me but it very small compared to before. also, i had the priviledge of going to fountain valley high school with ms pfeiffer. although when she once said she was the school yard bullie? (this is in an old people mag interview) well, she wasn’t joking. she was a fairly dark, moody girl. my friend used to tease me b/c i would always stare at her and say that michelle was special in some way. she had a presence.

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